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We are a professionally-managed writing, editing, content development, design and publishing company in a broad, across-the-board range of subjects, viz., health, wellness, pharmaceutical sciences, modern [conventional], complementary and alternative medicine [CAM], science and technology, literature, philosophy, farming and agriculture, and other general subjects.

We offer you high-quality, world-class editorial content with a pulsating sense of literary finesse, including the ability to capture the expanse and essence of the material in the best manner possible — one that will please the lay reader, the conversant, the discerning, as well as the technically-inclined professional, or the cognoscente.

We specialise in ‘bespoke’ publishing — or, customised publishing — to jazz-up your reach to the audience, or target reader, or customer, that you have in mind, or ambit.

Put simply, we do everything for you.

Writing, editing, copy-editing, proof-reading, design, publishing in print, or electronic format… be it magazines, websites, books etc.,

  • Print/e-magazine. Concept. Content. Editing. Copy-editing. Design. Printing. Publishing
  • Books in print and electronic format [Fiction/Non-Fiction]. Content development, writing, editing, design, printing/publishing and distribution
  • Web content. Web Design. Domain. Hosting. Auxiliary services
  • Research papers, reviews, and dissertation, in the areas of pharmaceutical sciences, conventional medicine, complementary and alternative medicine [CAM], science and technology, literature, philosophy, and other subjects
  • Popular articles in the areas of health and wellness, medicine, literature, creative writing, philosophy, spirituality, farming and agriculture, and general subjects, for newspapers, magazines and the web
  • Editorial content for B2B and B2C segments.

We sculpt miracles with words, including precepts and percepts, aside from ideas and contexts.

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